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Credit Simplicity is an online knowledge base that offers easy-to-understand information on credit scores and credit reports. Our mission is to provide accurate and reliable credit score information so that all people can understand, monitor, and strengthen their personal credit rating.

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Our Approach


The path to good credit starts with knowledge. You can’t build and protect your credit score without understanding it first.


Once you educate yourself, you can take the necessary steps to repair and strengthen your credit score.


Your credit score is an evolving figure. The most important step to managing your credit history is constant maintenance.

Credit Simplicity

Your credit score is a three-digit number that defines your financial responsibility according to potential lenders and employers. In other words, it’s a single metric that can determine so many of your important financial decisions. The scary part is that you can have multiple credit scores. Each of the various credit bureaus derive your credit score using complex mathematical algorithms. There are often many inconsistencies from one credit report to another. Furthermore, you are completely alone in managing (and often rebuilding) your personal credit rating. There is nothing simple or fair about that process!

Credit Simplicity was created based on one person’s agonizing search for helpful and unbiased credit score resources. Blown away by the lack of helpful information, he decided to create a site that offered simplified education on an otherwise complex topic. Everyone should understand, monitor, and strengthen their personal credit rating. Our mission is to add simplicity to this confusing system. We strive to provide accurate and centralized information on all aspects of your personal credit rating.